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The different

German class!

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Pia_2022_02_01_0399 Kopie_web.jpg

Learn the efficient & easy way!

German doesn't have to be frustrating.

TPRS makes learning German easy and fun. It's time for you to feel this ease in your language learning process.

Enjoy becoming proficient in German with TPRS and Comprehensible Input.


Your teacher, Pia Koch, is a native German speaker, passionate German teacher and TPRS trainer. Learn from the best,

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Learn the efficient and fun way!-2.png

This is how it works:

Start at your level 

Already know some German? 
Starting from zero?
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No matter if you are a complete beginner or already finished your B2 or higher course, I've got the right class for you.  

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Participate in Class

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The Online German Class with Pia contains:
  • lots and lots of fun speaking practice

  • 90% of the time in German

  • 100% comprehensible

  • individually tailored class content

  • comprehensible reading

Learn the efficient and fun way!.png

at a new level!


not like
duolingo ;)

"Speaking German or any foreign language fluently is not a matter of studying hard! ...
Speaking fluently required a safe space to practice speaking in."

Also if you have finished a course but you don't feel like you really are at the level "you're supposed to be" - don't worry! We'll find a course that fits just perfectly for you.

All of my classes (individual classes and group classes) contain individually made content and are tailored according to your needs.

My classes are designed to fit your needs.

The goal of each and every class is to spend 90% of the time in the target language. That leaves 10% for quick explanations or organi-zational matters.

The Online Courses

Individual Stories


Complete Beginner

You have no clue about German and want to acquire the language in an interactive and fun way? Then this course is for you!

new course start: Nov 10th

Individual Reading



You already know some German but really feel like a beginner? Then this course is for you. This is a beginners course so you really don't need to know much!  Write me if you have any questions!

currently no new courses

Individual Stories


Advanced Beginner

Commit to German because it's fun, it expands your horizon, and enables you to understand more. In this course, you solidify your base. Take the next step on your way to becoming fluent in German.

Individual Reading



Dive deep! This class enables you to become a pro at German. Maybe you already live in Germany or you're planning to use your skills in everyday life situations. This course makes sure that you master those situations confidently and with ease. 

Individual Stories

Individual Online Class

Any Level

Want an individual class? Got a specific challenge you want to work on?

Click on the button below and learn more about individual classes.

What my studens say:

Friends Drinking Coffee

Coole Lehrerin, ich hab mich mit Pias Hilfe für sie TelcC1 vorbereitet. Ihre Methode macht Spaß und man kann davon mehr profitieren. Kein langweilige klassische Methode, mit der man nur Sachen wiederholen muss.

Arnold Madrid, medical doctor

from Peru

Anker 1
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Write me:

I will get in touch with you very soon!

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